The Hirer agrees to pay ProStudios the hire fees for the equipment at the rates specified in the Equipment Hire Contract from the date and time the equipment is taken out, to the date and time the equipment is returned to Momentum. The Hirer pays for the entire time the equipment is hired out, not for the time the equipment is used. ProStudios may request that first time hirers leave a security payment of $200.00 prior to being able to hire equipment. The security deposit is refunded upon the equipments return and production of a Tax Invoice by ProStudios. Late return of Equipment will be charged at the full normal daily rate until the equipment is returned. The minimum hire period is 1 day (24 hours). Weekend hire is from 9pm Saturday to 9am Monday and is charged at a weekend hire rate. A one week hire (7days) is charged at a weekly hire rate.

The Hirer agrees to pay ProStudios all and any appropriate taxes, stamp duty and government charges in addition to the hire fees. If a goods and services tax or similar value added tax ("GST") is levied in respect of any taxable supply made under or in connection with this Contract the amount payable for that supply will be increased by the rate of GST.

Unless the Hirer takes out their own insurance and provides proof of adequate insurance cover (to the satisfaction of ProStudios in its absolute discretion) for the full value of the Equipment in the case of loss, theft or damage during the hire period, a damage waiver of 15% of the value of equipment is payable by the Hirer in addition to any hire fees. Where such damage waiver is paid by the hirer and the hirer otherwise complies with the terms of this contract, ProStudios shall waiver any claim against the hirer which exceeds the value of the damage waiver, provided the Hirer also pays the further sum ("damage excess") being $500.00, where the cost of replacement/repair does not exceed $5,000.00. Where the cost of replacement/repair exceeds $5,000.00, ProStudios may in its discretion, require the Hirer to pay an increased damage excess up to the value of 10% of the cost of replacement/repair of the equipment hired. No glassware (including flash tube, modeling lamp or protection cover) is covered by the said waiver by ProStudios and in the event of breakage of the same, the Hirer shall pay Momentum the full replacement cost of the same. First time Hirers do not pay the 15% damage waiver and are 100% responsible for complete replacement/repair costs of damage, lost or stolen hire equipment.

The Damage Waiver shall not apply if the Hirer uses the equipment for purpose(s) other than that specified (if any) in the Equipment Hire Contract: or during a period other than that specified (if any) in the Equipment Hire Contract. If the equipment is used in a negligent, unskillful or improper manner, or in a manner other than that for which the Equipment was intended or constructed (or if the Hirer leaves the Equipment unattended), and the equipment is thereby lost or damaged, then the Hirer shall be liable to ProStudios for any such loss or damage.

The Hirer agrees to pay all freight, delivery, transportation, shipping, postage and courier costs whether incurred by the Hirer or ProStudios in respect of the delivery and/or return of the Equipment. ProStudios charges a flat rate for any courier or VIP delivery or pickup within the Newcastle metropolitan area. The current rate is $25.00 for a courier delivery/pickup and $30.00 for a VIP. ProStudios is not liable for any delays in delivery of equipment.

ProStudios usual credit terms apply to those Hirers who have a credit account with ProStudios. For Hirers who do not have a credit account, all fees and charges payable under this Contract must be paid in advance and the Hirer agrees to provide full contact details, proof of address and a drivers license will be photographed. The Hirer authorises ProStudios to charge the Hirer's for any additional freight and delivery costs incurred and any additional hire fees and other charges incurred as a result of late return equipment.

The Equipment shall at all times remain the property of ProStudios. The Hirer agrees not to sell, transfer license, loan, pawned, hire or give the Equipment to any one or to part with or share possession of the equipment or do anything which may affect ProStudios interest in the Equipment. If the Equipment is hired on to a third party by the Hirer - it remains the responsibility of the Hirer to provide proof of insurance under the Hirer's own insurance policy or pay the required Damage Waiver Excess. No discounts are given on contracts if the equipment is not used on the premises of the Hirer.

At the end of the hire period and before returning the Equipment to ProStudios, the Hirer agrees to properly clean the Equipment. The Hirer agrees to pay for any cleaning costs incurred by ProStudios in the event the Hirer fails in its cleaning obligations. ProStudios may charge such costs from the Hirer's deposit or ask for payment.

In the event of the hire period and before returning the Equipment the Hirer shall return the Equipment to ProStudios immediately and shall on no account repair or attempt to repair the Equipment without the prior consent of ProStudios.

Where permitted by the Trade Practices Act 1974, ProStudios shall not be liable to the hirer or any third party in respect of any loss or damage, however, caused arising directly or indirectly from the hire of the Equipment. ProStudios liability if any is limited to a refund of the hire fees charged for such Equipment. All other excludable warranties whether express or implied are excluded. The Hirer indemnifies or holds harmless ProStudios from all and any liability, losses, damage, claims, demands and expenses of any kind however caused arising directly or indirectly from this Equipment Hire Contract.

Wherever possible, the Hirer should call Prostudios in advance to pre-book Equipment. Failure to cancel pre-booked Equipment at least 24 hours prior will incur a half day Hire Fee. EQUIPMENT TESTING AND STUDENT TERMS If there is no prior booking, Equipment hired for equipment testing purposes or by students (on presentation of a valid student card) may at ProStudios discretion be charged 15% off the day Hire Fee (not including weekend hire).

The Equipment Hire Contract may be terminated immediately by ProStudios if the Hirer breaches any term of this Contract.

ProStudios reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Equipment Hire Contract at any time.


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